Album Review: CARA NEIR/RAMLORD Split


This split between CARA NEIR and RAMLORD is 23 minutes of grinding, putrid fury. As much as I’d like to, it’s hard to classify the type of music these two bands create. Both exhibit obvious crust, grind, and black metal influences, but there are also shades of hardcore, sludge, and screamo  in both bands’ offerings. The opening song from CARA NEIR, “Family Dirge”, is a blast of technical grindcore featuring NOISEAR/PHOBIA guitarist, Dorian Rainwater. Their second contribution, “Cradled By Apathy”, is more eclectic. There’s some serious screamo influence, but don’t let that scare you off – it’s screamo as performed by DARKTHRONE. Track three, “Wilted Blue”, starts slow with a post-rock opening section that bleeds into what sounds like the palm-muted guitar part from THE REFUSED’s song “New Noise”…accompanied by death metal growling and shrieking. RAMLORD’s sole offering, the sprawling 10 minute opus “Affliction of Clairvoyance (Part 1)”, is a rancid, blackened hardcore skull-smasher. This split EP is out now. Buy it and experience what it’s like to be bukkakied by rage for 20 minutes.

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