Album Review: CULTFINDER Black Thrashing Terror

Cultfinder - Black Thrashing Terror

Cultfinder’s debut EP Black Thrashing Terror is pretty much what you’d expect based on it’s title – eleven minutes of crusty blackened thrash. If you’re a fan of Kvelertak or newer Darkthrone (and you should be) you’re probably going to really like this. Cultfinder aren’t blazing any new trails here – crusty black thrash is currently extreme music’s flavor of the week – but they do what they do very well. The album opener and title track, “Black Thrashing Terror”, starts out as a 90-mile-an-hour cocktail of early Immortal and Discharge and the band doesn’t let up from there. If this EP is any indication of what Cultfinder are capable off, the underground metal community have something to look forward to in this band. If you’re a fan of the fast and the filthy, I definitely recommend picking up Black Thrashing Terror on vinyl. It’s available now through Eldritch Lunar Miasma.

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