Album Review: DRAGONY Legends

Dragony - Legends

Dragony are a solidly middle-of-the-road symphonic power metal band. They attack all the typical genre tropes such as fantasy lyrics, soaring melodies, and guitar acrobatics enthusiastically, yet strictly by-the-book. Legends is a well produced album and would make a great soundtrack to a night of Dungeons & Dragons, but it failed to hold my attention after the initial listen. These guys try hard, but they’re covering well-trodden ground –  Rhapsody and Blind Guardian were creating symphonic power metal masterpieces over a decade ago. A lot of the problem lies with singer Siegfried Samer’s voice. He does a serviceable job, but his vocal range is limited –  a fact he draws attention to by enlisting Primal Fears’s lead singer, Ralf Scheepers to sing on the track “Burning Skies”. A word of advice here, Dragony: If your singer has a mediocre voice, don’t let him sing with someone who has a great voice. Especially if it’s the first song on the album. I give the band an A for effort, but I can’t recommend Legends to anyone but hardcore power metal fan boys.

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