Album Review: EYE OF SOLITUDE Sui Caedere

Eye of Solitude - Sui Caedere

Generally, doom metal’s not my thing, but I’m a sucker for genre cross-pollination and England’s Eye of Solitude have that in spades. Yes, they work within the framework of typical doom metal –  down-tuned guitars, plodding tempo, and a crushingly depressive atmosphere. –  but they also incorporate elements of post-rock, death metal growls, industrial-style samples and symphonic keyboards to conjure a swirling, crawling chaos of doomy goodness. I won’t say Sui Caedere is a sterling example of the genre, but it’s most definitely something great Cthulhu would rock out to as he trudges across the Earth laying waste to everything in his path. Eye of Solitude have managed to craft an album that’s as filthy as it is grandiose. But, above all, it’s heavy. It’s not perfect, but it’s well worth dropping your hard earned dough on.

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