Album Review: Thy Majestie Shi Huang Di


There’s not much I can say about Italy’s THY MAJESTIE. They aren’t terrible and they aren’t amazing. They play standard power metal about epic battles and vanquishing evil. There are symphonic keyboards, guitar shredding, and operatic choir parts – all par for the power metal course – but nothing raises ShiHuangDi above the pack. Even a guest vocal from RHAPSODY OF FIRE’s Fabio Lione on the track “End of Days” can’t elevate this album beyond mediocrity. The decision to focus on ancient Chinese history (specifically on emperor Qin Shi Huang) is interesting, but I’d have liked more of an Eastern influence in the music to reflect the lyrical content. At almost an hour in length, THY MAJESTIE do a good job of pacing. There are a few brief orchestral pieces, but ShiHuangDi  flies along with almost no filler. Aside from the pacing, the production quality is also good. The vocals and  instruments all sound clean and distinct from each other. Power metal die-hards and fans of the Dynasty Warriors video game franchise may want to pick this up, but everyone else can safely pass.

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