Full Metal Hipster #130

Greetings my little Hipsters! Today I have for you the 130th edition of the Full Metal Hipster podcast. On this episode you’ll be hearing music from Lady Beast (Facebook), Thantifaxath (Facebook), Lucifer’s Hammer (Facebook), Terrible as the Dawn (Facebook) and Devil Master. This episode is stacked with goodness (just like every episode) so get busy listening!

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For always and forever, the demo was better!

Episode Playlist

Lady Beast (Buy the Music) – “Get Out”

Thantifaxath (Buy the Music) – “Ocean of Screaming Spheres”

Lucifer’s Hammer (Buy the Music) – “Warrior of the Storm”

Terrible as the Dawn (Buy the Music) – “Dull and Grey”

Devil Master (Buy the Music) – “Inhabit the Corpse”

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