Full Metal Hipster #14 – Bang You Head In O-HI-O (Psst, that’s a Neil Young reference)

Photo courtesy of EvilOhio.com
Photo courtesy of EvilOhio.com

Greetings all you wonderful Full Metal Hipster listeners! I hope the day finds you well. Here’s this week’s new episode to introduce a little bit of happines into your otherwise miserable existence. Unfortunately, I don’t have an interview for you this week. Instead I’m spotlighting heavy metal from my homeland of Ohio. I’m sure you’re not thinking to yourself, “Oh yeah, the Buckeye state is ripe with killer heavy metal” because that’s not the case. But, when you start digging around, there are definitely some good bands to be found. So sit back with a giant plate of Cincinnatti-style chili and an Ale-8-One and enjoy!

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For always and forever, the demo was better!

Episode Playlist:

War Elephant (Bandcamp) – “We’ve Been Told Of A Future, There Is No Hope”

Mouth of the Architect (Bandcamp) – “Generation of Ghosts”

Skeletonwitch (Bandcamp) – “Sacrifice for the Slaughtergod”

Forest Wars (Bandcamp) – “Detached”

Choking (Bandcamp) – “Mind’s Eye Gripped”

Midnight (Bandcamp) – “Evil Like A Knife”

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