Full Metal Hipster #78 – The Good ‘Ol Boys From Gravy Mountain with Paul Ravenwood and Josh Thieler from TWILIGHT FAUNA and SLAVES BC

What’s up, everyone? I’m in a rush today so please excuse my brevity with this post. I want to get this episode into your ears ASAP and I have plans tonight. Anyway, this week I spoke with Paul Ravenwood and Josh Thieler about their work on the new Twilight Fauna (Facebook) album The Year the Stars Fell. It’s an awesome album so check it out. Also, check out Josh’s own band Slaves BC (Facebook) for some blackened hardcore goodness! Now get to listening!

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For always and forever, the demo was better!

Episode Playlist

Twilight Fauna (Buy the Album) – “Light Over Mountains” & “A Thinning Vail”

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