Full Metal Hipster #9 – Xtapolapometal!


On this episode of the Full Metal Hipster podcast, blogger Nathan Sizemore (@AltarOfTheCowl @Xtapolapometal) joins me to talk about his new project Xtapolapometal. Xtapolapometal is a new blog that focuses on the intersection of The Simpsons and the heavy metal community. Check it out tight here: http://xtapolapometal.tumblr.com/. You’ll also hear a couple tracks from the Australian, Simpsons-themed, stoner doom metal band Dr. Collossus. Enjoy!

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For always and forever, the demo was better!

Episode Playlist:

Dr. Colossus (Bandcamp page) – “Son of a Pig” and “Because of the War”

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