Full Metal Hipster Episode 5 – Big Apple Metal Massacre

CastratorOn this week’s episode, I utilize my exceptional taste in underground music to expose you lucky listeners to the the seething metal fury that lurks just below the surface of New York City’s smelly, pee stained facade. Feast your ears on the best grindcore, death, black, thrash, and doom metal the Big Smelly Apple has to offer!

Episode Playlist:

Castrator – Honor Killing

Trenchgrinder – Deterence and Retribution

Anicon – The Tomb of Illusions

Skullshitter – Forever Enslaver

Scowl – Sethin’ Up Your Putnam (Grindcore Is Serious Business)

Vorde – Transformations of the Vessel

Vilkacis – Freezing Hell

Iron Force – Iron Force

Yellow Eyes – Silence Threads the Evening’s Cloth

Hush. – Solus

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