Full Metal Hipster #45 – Breaching and Submerging with David and Trae from CETACEAN


This is truly a jam-packed episode ladies and gents! I start the show by reminiscing about a couple shows I attended recently and I follow that up with a conversation with David and Trae from California’s epic everything-and-the-kitchen-sink metal band Cetacean (Facebook). You don’t want to miss this episode! I also want to remind you that this is the final episode of Full Metal Hipster on Metal Injection. If you listen to the show through Metal Injection’s podcast network, you need to subscribe to Full Metal Hipster directly to continue getting episodes. Links to iTunes and Stitcher are below and the podcast will be on Google Play soon, as well. Thanks to that charming gentleman, Mr. Rob Pasbani for allowing me to share my podcast with the Metal Injection audience, and I hope you enjoyed it. Anyway, on with the show!

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For always and forever, the demo was better!

Episode Playlist:

Cetacean (Buy the Album) – “Earth is a Whisper”

Primal Fear (Buy the Album) – “Rulebreaker”


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