Album Review: HELL MILITIA Jacob’s Ladder

Hell Militia


For a decade now, France has been responsible for some truly amazing contributions to heavy metal – particularly black metal. Deathspell Omega, Blut Aus Nord, and Alcest, for example, continually push the genre in exciting new directions; redefining what the sub-genre means. Hell Militia, on the other hand, aren’t really redefining anything…but don’t hold that against them. Unlike some of their fellow countrymen, Hell Militia keep it mostly traditional. But the songs on Jacob’s Ladder still manage to be compelling enough to warrant a listen or seven. These guys understand that there’s always going to be a segment of black metal’s fan base that wants to hear the trve kvlt stuff and they play to that audience. The entire album oozes a sinister atmosphere that every black metal band strives for. These guys may not be blazing any new trails, but there’s enough blast beats and Satanic shrieking to satisfy all but the most pretentious fan.

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