Album Review: WEAPON Embers and Revelations


Canada’s Weapon play a style of blackened death metal in the vein of Morbid Angel or Vader, and it’s a refreshing change for those of us tired of mindless “br00tality” and tech death geekery. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate both those styles of death, but sometimes it’s nice to relax with a tasty beer while guitars squeal menacingly and some burly dude growls at you about Satan. Embers and Revelations is a solid album and a worthy addition to any death metal fan’s collection. The tracks “The First Witnesses of Lucifer”, “Vanguard of the Morning Star”, and “Liber Lilith” are all fast paced ragers, while “Crepuscular Swamp, Unhinged Swine” and “Disavowing Each In Aum” crush you with their mid-tempo heaviness. If you’re in the mood for some straight ahead, vicious, old-school death metal, pick up Embers and Revelations when it hits stores October 9th.

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