Full Metal Hipster #133 – The Best Power Metal of 2017 with Chris Voss of NECROLYTIC GOAT CONVERTER


Greetings friends! It’s that time of the year when metalheads the world over pour over magazines and blogs in order to get mad about someone else’s completely subjective list of music they enjoyed. In the spirit of the season (and because I’m a masochist) I’ve decided to produce a series of podcasts covering all the major subgenres of heavy metal. This is going to take a month or two so I hope you’re ready to hear a lot of good-ass music. On this episode of Full Metal Hipster you’re going to hear my picks for the five best thrash metal albumsf 2017. Crank that volume up and enjoy!

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For always and forever, the demo was better!

Episode Playlist

Lovebites (Buy the Music) – “The Hammer of Wrath”

Unleash the Archers (Buy the Music) – “The Matriarch”

Terra Incognita (Buy the Music) – “My Emptiness”

Jag Panzer (Buy the Music) – “Born of the Flame”

Almanac (Buy the Music) – “Children of the Sacred Path”

Ironflame (Buy the Music) – “Heavy Metal Warriors”

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