Full Metal Hipster #158 – The Best Grindcore of 2018

Greetings friends! It’s that time of the year when metalheads the world over pour over magazines and blogs in order to get mad about someone else’s completely subjective list of music they enjoyed. In the spirit of the season (and because I’m a masochist) I’ve decided to produce a series of podcasts covering all the major subgenres of heavy metal. This is going to take a month or two so I hope you’re ready to hear a lot of good-ass music. On this episode of Full Metal Hipster you’re going to hear my picks for the five best grindcore albums of 2018. Crank that volume up and enjoy!

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For always and forever, the demo was better!

Episode Playlist

Cripple Bastards (Buy the album) – “Crociati Del Mare Interno”

Kataplexis (Buy the album) – “Sanctums”

Closet Witch (Buy the album) – “Rule by Bacon”

Beaten to Death (Buy the album) – “Eternal Punished Septic”

Pig Destroyer (Buy the album) – “The Torture Fields”

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  1. Hey there Shayne. Donnie here from WV. I just came a cross your podcast. I’m into all subgenres of metal music. I’ll drop ya a line from now and then. I promise to be respectful if I hear something I think that sucks, so you’re kept humble! LOL! Keep it Metal


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