Full Metal Hipster #28 – OMG IT’S DEVIN TOWNSEND!!


Episode #28 of Full Metal Hipster is a doozy, folks! On this episode I speak with a legit heavy metal creative visionary – Devin Townsend! BOOOOOOOOSH!!! Sorry, I’ll get control of myself. I talked with Devin about the upcoming re-release of 2014’s Casualties of Cool – an album of spacey Americana music that also happens to be one of my favorite Heavy Deavy projects to date. Also, I air out some music that’s landed in my inbox from a trans woman in the UK who records under the name Earthen Shrine. This is a packed episode, fam. Get excited!

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For always and forever, the demo was better!

Episode Playlist:

Earthen Shrine (Bandcamp) – “To Where We Never Grow Old” & “An Oaken Path to a Secret Place”

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