Full Metal Hipster #8 – Axeslashed!


Episode 8 of Full Metal Hipster is finally here, babies! I’ve been cranking these out for two months and I’m still having a great time. Hopefully I sound less like a stumblebum doofus than I did in the first episode. This time around, I spoke to Justin Lascelle of the horror movie themed thrash band Axeslasher. If you haven’t heard Axeslasher before then get your ass over to Bandcamp and download their debut EP Anthology of Terror Vol. 1. Justin’s a cool cuccumber and I really had fun recording this interview. You better enjoy it if you know what’s good for you!

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For always and forever, the demo was better!

Dig the sweet trailer for Deathgasm, the New Zealand heavy metal horror comedy featuring a track from Axeslasher!

Episode Playlist:

Axeslasher – “Invasion of the Babesnatchers” and “Order of the Coven”

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