Full Metal Hipster #85 – Metal Good, Nazis Bad with Christine Kelly of TRIDROID RECORDS

Greetings, listeners, I hope your week was swell! Here’s the latest dollop of Full Metal Hipster to brighten up your weekend. On this episode I spoke with Christine Kelly, the owner an operator of Tridroid Records (Facebook). I’ve interviewed and played music from a number of of Tridroid artists here in Full Metal Hipster and it was cool to chat with Christine about running a small record label. We talked about why white supremacists suck and being gay and into metal, too This is a great episode and I’m stoked for all y’all to hear it!

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For always and forever, the demo was better!

Episode Playlist

Heavy Temple (Buy the Music) – “In the Court of the Bastard King”

Violet Cold (Buy the Music) – “No Escape from Dreamland”

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