Put This AD INFINITUM Album In Your Ears


My love for Bandcamp.com cannot be overstated. It’s an excellent music discovery tool and money from purchases made through the site go directly to artists. I love it so much that I frequently find myself impulsively wishlisting and buying albums that I don’t wind up listening to for months. Such was the case with Ad Infinitum’s 2014 album Woven Within. I bought the album around the time it came out in February of last year, but it sat neglected in my collection for months while I listened to an endless stream of crappy promos from forgettable bands.

I finally gave the album a chance this Summer when I was staying with my sister and her family in Nevada and helping move my dad into hospice care. I was looking for something to listen to one night and Woven Within immediately grabbed me with its bleak tone. Apparently waves of hypnotic black metal make a suitable soundtrack to watching your father die from un-treatable brain cancer. I listened to the album twice in a row tat night and haven’t really stopped listening in since then. It’s hard to tell if I like the album so much because it’s inextricably linked to such an emotional time, but I suspect I would still enjoy it just as much if I could approach it dispassionately. According to Ad Infinitum’s Facebook page, there’s new music coming soon. Hopefully, it will be this year because I’m anxious to hear what this one-man project has in store next.

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