The Full Metal Hipster Playlist #09


Hey babies, it’s time for another installment of the Full Metal Hipster playlist! On this weeks episode you’re going to hear wicked new tunes from Ghoul (Facebook), Axeslasher (Facebook), Mizery (Facebook), Nuke (Facebook), Grave Desecrator (Facebook) and Profanatica (Facebook). Strap in and enjoy the ride, you bozos!

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For always and forever, the demo was better!

Episode Playlist:

Ghoul (Buy the Music) – “Ghoulunatics”

Axeslasher (Buy the Music) – “In The Woods There Is No Law”

Mizery (Buy the Music) – “Absolute Light”

Nuke (Buy the Music) – “Metal Inferno”

Grave Desecrator (Buy the Music) – “Funeral Mist”

Profanatica (Buy the Music) – “Host Over Cup”

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