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Greetings and salutations, folks! My name’s Shayne and I run this here blog and the podcast it’s named after. It’s called Full Metal Hipster because I write about heavy metal for the Internet and some of the incredibly entertaining content I write pisses off dimwits. Those dimwits frequently call me a hipster because they think it’s an actual insult. Also, I like the movie Full Metal Jacket. That’s really the extent of the thought I put into it.

I hope you enjoy what I’m doing here. It’s a total labor of love. I’m clearly not making any money nor is that my intention. I love underground heavy metal and I want to share some of the stuff I find with as many people as possible. Total support for total death and all that. That being said, if you’re in a band/run a label/do PR and want to share your work with me, I’m all ears. If I dig it I’ll try to work it into the podcast or website and maybe ask to talk to you if you’re not one of those robe-wearing, pseudonymous, basement black metal types who shuns social interaction. I’d love to hear from non-musicians, too. Do you publish a zine? Make films? Run a crazy website? Get in touch, I’d love to check your stuff out!

Pertinent Contact Deets:

Email: metalshayne@gmail.com

Twitter: @MetalShayne2000

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FullMetalHipster

Instagram: MetalShayne



  1. Shayne

    I have recently started up a record label/sublabel, Redefining Darkenss Records & Seeing Red Records. I have a list of projects I am working on now, including but not limited to, releases from Vintage Warlords, Decrepit (US), Haul (Indo), From the Depths (US), Gorepunch (feat. Mike Heller of Malignancy & Fear Factory), and From the Hellmouth (featuring Alan Cassidy of Black Dahlia Murder). The first and most recent of which, Vintage Warlords, was just released on May 19th. I would love to be able to send you an invite to my Haulix promo page with the record.

    A little of my background: I was the bass player for Candlelight Recording Artists’, Abigail Williams from 2007-2009 and was featured on “In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns”. I also played in a band called System Divide on Metal Blade Records (songs feat. on both “The Collapse EP” and “The Conscious Sedation”) and co-wrote songs on Century Media Artist, Aborted’s “Coronary Reconstruction EP”.

    Please let me know if you are interested in receiving future promos from my labels upcoming releases – if so, please forward me your contact info. I appreciate your time.


    Redefining Darkness Records

    Seeing Red Records


  2. Before Colored Sands was released this year, it was receiving advance positive press from some of the bigger news outlets and I saw some commenters online wondering if it would become hipster metal , and they made it seem like that was a derogatory thing to happen to it. It s interesting because musically it seems so far removed from most of what gets classed in with hipster metal .


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